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We all have that one friend who seems to be connected to all the right people, goes to all the right parties and sports all the latest trends. She’s fresh, appealing, new age and ready to take on challenge thrown at her. Everyone knows that one socialite, its time that your business met theirs.
Ricki Vale Photography (85 of 220) copyI’m Jenna Milne, the passion and drive behind Socialite Public Relations, a millennial PR and marketing agency, based in Sydney. Creative in my thinking and commercial in my understanding I’m more than just a mover and a shaker, I’m in the business of empowering the trailblazers and change makers looking to make their mark on the world. A passionate entrepreneur, successful business owner, digital marketing and PR professional I know that landing press is just the beginning.

A self confessed start-up-a-holic I know that its essential for your business to receive the right amount of attention, from the right outlets at the right time to blossom and reach its full potential. In the ever expanding brand universe finding your own unique voice can be a hard task. Creating your business’ ‘personal brand’ can become its biggest asset, giving you a jump start on your competition and really set you apart.

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Having worked in media, communications and PR in my early career I’m a wordsmith from way back, media savvy and 100% results driven. I’m an advocate for innovative passion projects, big business and everyone in between, theres no client or project too big or small. My extensive experience has provided me with the skills to write comprehensive copy thats gets published, create crisis management strategies that help clients weather controversy and allowed me to mastered the art of buzz.

My years spent working with Harpers Bazaar opened my eyes to the pure power of the publisher and allowed me to fully explore my skills in digital marketing, celebrity seeding and content creation. I’ve forged strong relationships with key industry influencers and understand that optimum results come from the combination of the right publicity elements; social media management, campaign consultancy and cutting edge digital media management. Knowing what works where is a gift and I’m here to share it all with you!

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While my capabilities may span far and wide, my focus is laser sharp.

      – Branding                              – Press & Publicity
– Crisis Communication      – Corporate Consulting
– Celebrity Seeding               – Influencer Strategy
– Social Media                        – Website Copy
– Digital Marketing               – Content Creation

Watching your brand achieve greatness and smash through glass ceilings is my ultimate goal. I drive a unique offering by building your brand identity through strong storytelling foundations creatively intertwined with content, visuals and media aimed at your aligned audiences. I will help your business meet it’s specifically designed objectives and link your brand messages with relevant and imaginative communications to achieve maximum coverage across the tried and true traditional media as well as online media, social influencers and celebrities.

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With my 360° approach and in depth understanding of the rapidly developing world of digital media and millennials my capabilities outstretch those of traditional PR firms. I go beyond media outreach and press acquisition, maximising campaign impact and providing tangible results by infusing social media, brand marketing and creative consulting into all of my campaigns. I provide that fresh take on public relations that your brand needs, appealing directly to your target demographic in a lasting and meaningful way.

My synergistic approach to client campaigns ensures that I am always one step in front of the media curve… the only place to be if you want to lead the conversation – like any good socialite.

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